About us

Company INDEX Ltd. Gračanica was founded in 1985 with machine metal processing as its primary business activity. INDEX Ltd. positioned itself on the market as a company with great possibilities of executing highly sophisticated tasks, which was confirmed by many successful projects.

As the time was passing, INDEX Ltd. Gračanica has gradually involved itself into more precise machine industry, especially machine metal processing on the most up-to-date CNC machines.

With constant investments and supplying of the most recent tools (cutting, measuring, clipping etc.) we maintain the same level of quality in all our products, which is definitely the main pre-condition for our presence on a very demanding market, domestic as well as foreign.

Time, hard work and enthusiasm were constantly defining new aims of INDEX Ltd. Gračanica, which was constantly growing and making progress.

Our professionalism was recognised by many EU companies, which is why we can say that INDEX Ltd. is actually export-oriented company (with 70% of its production being exported to the EU countries), America and Brazil which is a great success.

Long-term experience, professionalism, top quality and services are the foundations of our production and follow our business.

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